Strive Fitness Personal Training

Strive Fitness is a network of certified personal trainers that provides high quality training tailored to each client's needs and goals. Many of Strive's trainers are elite level athletes who are experienced in an array of disciplines such as weight training, distance running, cycling and boxing/MMA. As a result, most Strive's clients are interested in higher-intensity workouts or competitive performance training.

In the crowded personal fitness market, it's essential to have a brand that can both stand out on marketing materials and look good promotional gear and apparel.  In creating the brand, we wanted to design a look and feel that reflected Strive's high-performance, high-results approach. The logo has the Strive Fitness name in a modified boldface typefont set over twin swooshes (which represents the partnership between the trainer and the client).

In addition to the brand, BlueFusion developed a series of web banners, digital ads, and business cards—each of which could be customized to a specific trainer. This system enables each trainer to market him/herself individually, while also rolling in to the overall Strive Fitness brand.