ASM Microbe 2020


Designed and produced for the American Society for Microbiology's annual meeting held in Chicago, Illinois, this campaign helped to make the scientific conference ASM's most successful event to date. For the creative campaign, we designed a series of "wireframe icons" representing different features of the scientific meeting (Microscope, Microphone, Microbes, DNA Helix Emerging from a Tablet, and Handshake). Each icons directly corresponded to a specific meeting keyword (Science, Speakers, Tracks, Presentations and Connections).  We then created a series of futuristic backgrounds that blended colorful high-tech wireframes with actual images from previous meetings. The campaign presented ASM Microbe as the premier meeting at the visionary forefront of microbial science.

Creative materials included postcards, print ads, mailers, animated digital ads, web banners, email banners, leaderboard headers and videos.  The creative carried over to the event with welcome banners, directional signage, and other tie-ins.

The hugely successful ASM Microbe 2020 meeting brought more 14,000 microbial science attendees to the city of Chicago.