Pollzilla Social Polling App

Pollzilla is a slick little social polling app that lets users create great looking text, image, music or video polls to send to friends, family members, classmates, co-workers, clients or any other groups, as well as share on social media. With Pollzilla's easy-to-use tools and templates, anyone can create a professional looking poll in minutes; invite their contacts to vote; and watch the results in real time. People can also download the app simply to vote in polls that interested them. Pollzilla has thousands of polls in more than 100 different categories, including Movies, TV Shows, Music, Celebrities, Pop Culture, Sports, Politics, Comics, Current Events, and more. Individuals can receive Pollzilla polls based on their interests; see how their votes compare; and even repoll a Pollzilla poll to their contacts. BlueFusion worked with the Pollzilla team to design and develop the app, including branding, wireframes, screen designs and layouts, UI, features and functionality. Pollzilla is slated to launch in the AppStore in Summer 2021, and on Android in 2022.