mSphere Direct “Whiteboard” Video

mSphere Direct is an online scientific journal and innovative program that lets researchers and scientists publish their manuscripts much faster than by going the traditional peer-review publishing route.

To both promote the program and demonstrate the ease, simplicity and speed of publishing via mSphere Direct, BlueFusion produced a "whiteboard" style video. A well produced whiteboard video can be a clean and engaging way to present and promote complex processes. However, poorly produced videos using canned programs often come out amateurish and can do a brand far more harm than good.

Working with the in-house marketing team, we brought in a top caliber cartoonist to create a series of original color marker illustrations that broke down the various steps in the mSphere Direct publishing process.  Once the illustrations were approved by the journal editors, we finalized a script that reflected the whimsical look and feel of the illustrations while explaining the process in clear and concise language and terms. We hired a professional narrator, then composited together the illustrations with the hand holding a marker to create the drawing animation. And finally, we added a complementary music track to give the piece a final polish.

The video was able to explain the process and benefits of publishing via mSphere Direct in less than two minutes.