Copyright Alliance Video

The Copyright Alliance wanted a short, dynamic video that could be played prior to presentations that would be able to quickly and succinctly explain who they are, what they do, who they represent, and the global value of copyright.  BlueFusion produced this colorful, high energy that tells this story and hits on all of the keypoints in under two minutes.

Because the client didn't want to include voiceover narration, the story is told solely through words and images. Throughout the duration of the video, everything is constantly moving with one segment seamlessly transitioning to the next. We used a strong color palette and duotone imagery as a means to block off content into neat chunks. We selected an upbeat, friendly soundtrack that wouldn't fall into a specific genre.

The Copyright Alliance video has been shown at numerous events and in front of a wide array of groups—ranging from corporate and entertainment industry executives to U.S. and state government regulators and lawmakers.