AveryHess “SuperSeller” Campaign

The DC, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) is one of the most active and competitive real estate markets in the world. As a comparatively small regional firm, AveryHess Realtors has to compete with much larger regional and national firms such as Long & Foster, Century 21, Keller Williams, RedFin and others.

Despite this, AveryHess has constantly ranked in the top 5 realty firms in every market where it has an office. AveryHess also ranks near or at the top in productivity per agent, client satisfaction, and agent job satisfaction.

Because AveryHess can't match the massive marketing budgets of the large firms, the company's marketing had to be more unique and creative. BlueFusion developed the "SuperSeller" campaign as a way to help AveryHess stand out among the crowded competition and to promote the special features that set the firm apart.

Designed to work as a marketing, recruitment, and agent-level personal marketing campaign, SuperSeller featured a variation of the iconic Superman logo set in AveryHess's brand colors. Agents could be photographed in custom printed AveryHess t-shirts in the classic Superman/Supergirl reveal pose.

The system included print ads, digital ads, agent-level personal marketing postcard and digital ad templates, and an AveryHess agent recruitment microsite.