Web & App Development

Every organization needs a smart digital strategy that integrates web, social, and mobile. As your premier global address, your website reflects your organization’s image; engages your customers, clients and other stakeholders; showcases your products or services; and communicates your messages.

Whether you need to create a new website or update an existing one, BlueFusion works with you to design, develop and launch a site that meets your objectives and exceeds your expectations.

Web & App Development Process

Whether you need to update an existing website or create a new website, web store, microsite, or mobile app, BlueFusion brings together a talented design and development team to deliver a powerful and effective online and/or mobile solution.

We take every development project through a 6-phase WebQuest or AppQuest process based on client budget and needs.

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Phase I. Discovery

  • Meet with client team and stakeholders to discuss scope of project, objectives, ideas, timelines and budget;
  • Review current website(s) and/or apps;
  • Research target audience(s), marketplace and competition; and
  • Prepare a project brief.

Phase II. Documentation

  • Based on discovery, write Business Requirements Documentation.
  • The BRD outlines development platform, plug-ins and other technologies; assets and resources; timelines and milestones; and estimated hours and budget.

Phase III. Design

  • Create wireframes to show organization and navigation;
  • Prepare mockups to show creative design options;
  • Set up Content & Assets library to manage copy, images, videos, graphics, links, databases, ecommerce, and processes and functions.

Phase IV. Development

  • Code website or app to design and functionality specifications
  • Program actions, processes, and automations
  • Incorporate image viewers, audio or video players
  • Incorporate plug-ins
  • Connect databases
  • Activate links
  • Quality Control and Compliance testing

Phase V. Deployment

  • Transfer files to hosting vendor and/or client IT department
  • Submit app(s) to Apple, GooglePlay, and/or Microsoft stores
  • Set up CMS & Training
  • Set up SEO paremeters
  • Set up Analytics
  • Launch into market

Phase VI: Support

  • Maintenance
  • Consultation
  • Updates