From visually exciting creative design to powerful branding systems, innovative digital strategies to integrated marketing campaigns, we bring together the concepts, words, images and tactics to deliver the optimal results for your company.


Branding is much more than designing a logo. It’s about developing a unique, powerful and effective look and feel for your company or organization. At BlueFusion we are committed to the success of our client’s brands. Whether it’s developing an identity for a new company or initiative, rebranding, or working with an existing brand we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Strategy – In developing a brand strategy we look at the client’s current situation, strengths and weaknesses, competitive landscape, target audiences, market opportunities, unique selling points and other factors to develop the optimal outcome.

Analysis – Understanding information and data can drive decision-making, identify opportunities and avoid mistakes. In the “brandquest” process, we provide in-depth analysis of a new or existing brand using a variety of tools and techniques.

Architecture – We develop a smart brand architecture for organizations.  Logos, colors, fonts, images and words are all designed to work together for maximum effectiveness.  We ensure that systems are scalable so brands can grow along with the organization.

Development – From brandquest through implementation we work closely with the client’s team in the brand development process. The result is a brand that will meet and exceed the client’s goals and objectives.




At BlueFusion delivering effective creative is job one. Whether it’s a design that reflects and enhances the client’s image, a dazzling and visual idea that breaks through clutter, or a tight solution that appeals to the target audience, we deliver highly polished and professional creative.

Copywriting — From ads, brochures, direct/electronic mail and sales materials to web sites, manuals, scripts and speeches, we provide an array of copywriting services.

Graphic Design Our graphic design team and associates bring creative flair, visual dynamic and polished execution to each and every project. We’ve designed thousands of projects and won hundreds of awards.

Illustration and Photo Direction We work with top illustrators and photographers in the market, across the country and around the world.  Whatever type, style and subject of imagery is needed we can produce.




From promotions, news packages or corporate videos, to motion graphics, animations and multi-camera productions, we provide an array of multimedia solutions. Our team and associates have won dozens of production awards. Whether it’s a single-camera “talking head” video or a full blown production, we can produce any project, large or small, to meet our client’s needs.

Digital Video Production  Our producers offer the latest in high end digital video production services, including pre-production, scriptwriting, casting, shooting and directing, post production and editing.

Motion Graphics graphics set to motion provide unique and visual ways to tell stories, communicate complex data, deliver information, or entertain. Our motion graphics artists are highly skilled at turning static words, numbers and imagery into flowing, lively and engaging productions for video or the web.

Animation — From simple animation to cutting edge CGI, we can produce a variety of animation solutions and styles.



Every organization should have a solid digital strategy, unifying web, apps and social media sites. In addition to design, we’ve formed alliances with several developer partners to ensure seamless implementation and project management.

Web design  From sites built on popular, user-friendly platforms to fully custom solutions, we design web sites tailored to client budgets and needs.

App Design  We design apps for all types of uses and needs. Apps can be developed for the iOS and Android platform.

Social Media  We implement integrated social designs to ensure client’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media programs are in alignment. Our alliance partners can also help clients manage and expand their social media initiatives.



Marketing is essential to business success. While most of our clients have in-house marketing teams, we can provide either supplemental support or full service solutions.

Strategic Planning  Whether it’s setting up a department, increasing sales, attracting members, or launching new product or services, we work closely with clients to outline a strategy to meet their marketing needs, goals and objectives.

Competitive Analysis  Utilizing market research and analysts, we analyze and evaluable the competitive landscape to identify the opportunities to put our clients in the best position for success.

Campaign Development  We develop integrated campaigns based on client budgets and needs. This includes targeting the audience, identifying the media mix, developing the pieces, and creating the media schedule.

Implementation We implement campaigns, manage schedules, and provide updates and analyses throughout.